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So you're all comfy and cozy, nestled in your favorite chair or on your cushy couch, wrapped in a soft blanket, watching TV or perhaps reading a novel. Trouble is, there's an updraft running right up your legs!


You fiddle with your covering, trying to keep it under your feet, making for a complete cocoon, but it repeatedly slips, causing you to tuck, retuck, and tuck again.


Of course, every time you lean forward to complete this annoying task, the remote slips onto the floor or in between the cushions. Pretty frustrating isn't it? The solution to this dilemma, not surprisingly, comes from Patchplaques.com.

My TV Blanket! Choose from Navy, Burgundy or Camel.



  • Roomy enough for two people.
  • Polar fleece - lightweight, easy-care, high performance.
  • Retains color and shape after laundering.


About YOUR TV Blanket!

  • Polyester
  • Super Warm and Comfortable
  • Draft-free Deep Foot pocket and Handy Accessory Pocket
  • 100% Premium Spun Polyester Fleece (Polar Fleece)
  • Lightweight and Non-allergenic
  • Measures 52" x 62"
  • My TV Blanket is crafted from thick, soft, polar fleece. My TV Blanket features a draft-free deep foot pocket and handy accessories pocket (for remote control, book, reading glasses, etc.).

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